Balance Sheet



Install BalanceSheet and keep under your control revenues and costs in a blink.
Recommended for your personal finances.
Check accounts amount at now or a forecast at the end of the year.
Follow these steps :

1. Insert one or more accounts giving only description and amount at now or at the start of the year.

Note : You don't have to give any information than can cause risk for you accounts.

2. Insert revenues and costs (movements), casual ones and recurrent ones.
You need to insert recurring movement only one time selecting recurring time (MONTHLY, TWO-MONTHLY, QUARTERLY, ...)
Set a flag if you want to be notified one day before
Select the account interested by the movement and its date.

3. Search for movements already saved and update them if you need it. Now you can do it by description selecting search icon on right of title bar.

At this point you can :

A. Check accounts status using accounts search.

B. Check amounts for current month (Start and end of month)

C. Forecast all the amounts at the end of the current year checking all inserted movements month by month among past and future ones

D. View a graphic report showing trend of your accounts during the year.

E. View a list report showing incomes and outcomes month by month for a single account.

F. View a pie chart report to analyze cost category over total expenses.

G. View a barchart report telling you the impact of a category cost over total revenues for every month or the whole year.

You can also :

Export on SD card all data inserted to have a data back up and to have a template your base and recurring movements to have in archive every year.
The export file can be sent in an email as an attachment

Import previously backed up data

Delete all data in archive

Choose and set your favourite Look&Feel among those proposed. (3 icons and buttons themes to combine with 6 background images and colors).

Choose to be warned the day before an important outcome (or income).
One day before you will find an icon on system notification bar and you will be able to read a memo about it.
Once you have opened the memo you will be able to schedule a notification one hour later

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