With BitBox you always have current statistics on the Bitcoin network with you!

You always have an overview of many markets and currencies with prices. So you can closely monitor price fluctuations and compare with other markets.
Moreover, you keep control of blocks, you will be shown the average interval at which a new block invokes and whether it was included in the current longest chain to be valid.
You want to know what the current price of $ 10 in Bitcoin is or what 10 Bitcoins in dollars are? No problem! With BitBox you can switch between many markets and currencies to calculate current prices!

• Statistics: Total Bitcoins, Total blocks, Block interval, Transactions per block, estimated time to arrival of next block, ...
• Keep your eye on your addresses! Add watched addresses and let you show the current account balance, the inputs and outputs!
• Markets: Keep control over many markets and currencies and compare prices!
• Blocks: View the blocks of the last 24 hours and see when the last block was released!
• Calculator: What are $ 10 at the current rate in Bitcoin? No problem, with the tab "Calculator" you can switch between many markets and currencies to calculate current prices!
• Addresses: What is the current balance of this address? How much in total was received and sent?
• Transactions: When was this transaction accepted? In which block was it incorporated as the first? How many confirmations has this transaction received? How big was the transaction? How many Bitcoins were sent and how much was the transaction fee?

All this can be found out quickly and easily with BitBox on your Smartphone!

• Addresses: More information, for example transactions.

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