This version is absolutely free to use, but there are only three pairs of currencies available (btc-usd, ltc-rur and usd-rur).

Note that by default app have a demo API Key and Secret, that have not any permission except info. Add your API Key and Secret you can via menu button -> Settings. Enjoy!

Client for work with exchange-site "".
Key features:
Graphs (last 2000 trades);
Keep informed about your balance;
Keep informed about your active orders;
Cancel your orders;
Make new orders;
Watch for current orders;
Watch for current rates;

Note: is site with exchange few currencies, f.e.: bitcoin (btc), USD, litecoin (ltc), russian rub (rur) and others.

Supported currencies*: Bitcoin, USD (USA Dollar), Russian Rub, Euro, Litecoin, Namecoin, Novacoin, Terracoin, PPCoin, FTC, CNC
* In full version. This version supports only btc-usd, ltc-rur and usd-rur.

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