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Premium Percent Calc will save you time by doing calculations with percentages
is an application designed to instantly calculate percentages positive as taxes, fees or gratuities and negative percentages as discounts, offers or rebates.
It also allows an amount to pay split between several people as a meal and can add a percentage to the total tip.
All results can also round up to get the total price and not having to count the pennies

It contains a new tool to make money calculations among several people easily as to know who owes you money and who has to put money for example in:

take a trip with friends and one pays gasoline other pays rent and other not put money
Or make a joint purchase in the supermarket and everyone has bought their own things and having to do the calculations of how much pays each one

This application is free of advertising and is installed by default on the SD card

you can also personalize your calculator with the colors that you like

This translated into 20 languages:
Spanish, Basque, Catalan, Portuguese, French, Italian, English, German, Danish, Dutch, Czech, Polish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Russian, Hungarian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean

Tags: 百分比計算器

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