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This app uses to calculate the car leasing monthly payment. Most of the time when you go to leasing a car, the dealer just give you a monthly payment amount that you have no idea how the dealer got that number; there might be some hidden cost that dealer simply just not mention to you at all. With this app, you can ask the dealer to provide the values for the app and then you can calculate and compare the payment amounts.

Overall, this app has the following features:
- Built-in help to explain what each field is for.
- Calculate the net cap cost by considering the negotiated price, down payment, trade-in values, and other costs and credits.
- Calculate the residual value from the MSRP automatically.
- Finance charge can be calculated base on either Money Factor or Interest Rate.
- Provide a details report including such as Depreciation value, total Finance Fee, total lease cost and more.
- Email the details report.
- Save the calculation for future use or comparison.
- Added Upfront tax and monthly tax options for more details calculation base on your state tax requirements.

This is a Free and Ad-supported application. This app uses the following permissions:
- Internet Access: To support ads.

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