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Otherwise, if you want to stick with this version, read on! :-)


Checkbook Genius has over 5,000 SALES! It is one of only FOUR checkbook-type apps in the Finance category to reach that milestone.

Checkbook Genius is an electronic checkbook register and transaction manager. SD CARD REQUIRED. Please be sure to download manual at:

Look for the yellow "download manual here" link and click on it (from a desktop or laptop computer).

What makes Checkbook Genius different than other checkbook apps? Here's the list:

• Better user interface design – most important information is easy to find (like your balance). Checkbook Genius was designed by someone with YEARS of experience in software development.

• Backup Center – a way to protect your data, and also to move it from one Android device to another.

• Scratch pad – a handy place for jotting down simple reminders.

• Presets – an easy way to save recurring transactions and amounts and re-use them later.

• Context-sensitive help on nearly every screen.

• Color-coding for different accounts to help you distinguish one account from another.

• Quick-Adjust, for making those simple adjustments to your balance without having to reach for a pocket calculator or the calculator app on your smartphone!

• Reconciliation feature to let you check off cleared transactions, not just record them.

• Archival of cleared transactions to your smartphone’s SD card.

• Eight ways to sort transactions, six ways to sort accounts.

• Many different account types including gift cards, cash/tips, and IRA.

• Auto-complete typing of payees when you enter them.

• Optional password protection to limit access.

• Low-balance indicator changes balance color when it’s low and below zero. You choose the threshold.

• Color PDF user’s guide explaining full use of the program available at the product page’s web site.

• A full web site with product information – not just a blog -

You get ALL THIS for LESS THAN 4 DOLLARS – a GREAT value!

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