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Citi Mobile – Mobile Phone Banking.

With Citi Mobile you can always access and manage your accounts using any Internet connections supported by your mobile phone. Manage your accounts on the go!
Citi Mobile accounts are secured by one-time password send as a flash SMS* – the most reliable fraud management system.
It allows you to:
• View account information, including latest transactions.
• Pay mobile, Internet, television, utility and other bills.
• Transfer funds between your accounts, including currency exchange at Citibank’s rate.
• Transfer funds across Russia.
• Open time deposits.
• View Citibank’s current exchange rates.
• View details of amounts on hold.
• View information on securities, mutual funds and dual currency deposits in the “Account Summary” and “Account Details” sections.
• Use a more favorable international Forex market rate** for your transfers.
• View full transaction details in the “Account Details” section.
• Pay your credit card balance in the “Account Summary” section.
With “Find My Citi” section of Citi Mobile application you can locate the nearest Citibank ATM, branch or Citigold center and payment terminal “Elecsnet“!
“Citi World Privileges” and “Russia Privileges” sections contain information regarding addresses of the nearest stores in Russia and worldwide where discounts on Citibank cards are allowed.

* To improve usability, remember six-digit code by 3 digits.
Flash SMS – is an SMS message displayed immediately on the screen of your mobile phone supporting such option.
** The funds will be converted at the bank’s exchange rate current on the date the customer confirms his transaction and inclusive of the bank’s fee/spread which depends on the transaction amount and your bank service package.

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