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Close The Bill is a flexible and powerfull tip calculator that allows you to make the division of bills, such as in a bar, restaurant, etc.

You can choose between two ways of calculating: Split equally, and Each one pays what they consume

1 - Split equally
- Easy to use and very praticle
- Default option to use tax or not
- Default tax
- Default tip
- Default number of people

2 - Each one pays what they consume
Here you can split the bill between 16 people, each of which will pay its share according to their spending.

- Default option to use tax or not
- Default tax
- Default tip
- Expenses shared by all, that allows certain expenses to be divided among the people at the table
- Up to 11 individual expenses per person in a flexible screen, which can multiply and divide expenses
- Up to 16 persons
- Option that indicates whether the tip is already included in the bill. More common in other countries

The rounding is being revised in "Each one pay what they consume" to allways consider round up in taxes, and rounding to 2 decimal places in internal calculations. These changes could result in 1 cent of diference in the calculations.

The application takes into account the local currencies, but always considers two decimals in the calculations. Currencies with another number of decimal digits are not covered.

Comments and errors
If you encounter problems write to the email listed here. Rate it low will not help improve the program or allow the problem to be corrected.

Encourage the development
Leave your comments below and help others know about the application.

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