Manage and track transactions within any group. Know your balance and settle debts in one click.

Ever had to share expenses with a group, when no one ever remembers for what he paid and when - it is always a mess. Well this is exactly what Conmigo is for!

- Create groups of partners to share expenses with.
- Add expenses for anyone by category and date
- [NEW] Uneven split. Select participants (and their share) for each expense.
- See who you owe and who owes you
- Show your partners how much they owe each other
- See all group's expenses in a history list
- Settle your debts easily
- Create multiple expense groups and switch between them
- Add up to 7 partners to group
- Get smart tips on future expenses
- Send expense report by email

Coming soon:
- Sync! Every transaction will be synced between partners' devices. Every participant will always be up to date.
- User management inside existing groups

Now it’s easy to share.

Running into issues or can't install? Send an email or tweet @ConmigoTeam.

Help us improve our app, we will appreciate to hear any suggestions remarks or ideas you have.

We have plenty of surprises waiting - stay tuned!



Conmigo Team

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