Credit Track



Our first product for Android. Aimed towards 1.6 to 2.3.3 Android platforms, lets you keep track of your credit card expenses.
Using a tab based UI you can keep a record of each transaction you make, and let the application do the rest.

Its main purpose is to let you have a complete situation report on your current spending (debt) and credit usage to aid in making

decisions faster and without doubt.

Have you ever been faced with any of the following issues?
-You find a deal, its price is good and the first payment is in the next period, but you are not sure if you will have enough credit

avaiable by that month.
-You need to know how many payments are left for a purchase you made, but you can't remember when you made it.
-You want to know how much you have already charged for the next month.
-You need to know which credits are paid off this month.
This and many other situations can be easily solved with Credit Track, by simply taking a look on its status tab.

...Think of it as a personal book-keeping application made extremely simple to use.

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