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A miner monitor designed to help you monitor multiple miners in one app. The App includes an Coin Exchange Viewer to show the current prices of Alt coins and bitcoins. Bare in mind I am the only one developer working on this app. There is no team. So requests might take time to implement, but remember if there is a pool you want added, feel free to request, and I will attempt to add it to the list of pools. It currently has support for. The app now has the ability to add your own pool, bearing in mind it only supports certain pools and not all pools

- litecoin pools
- Terrcoin pools
- PPCoin pools
- WorldCoin pools
- MultiCoin pools
- multipool (looks under type MultiCoin)
- coinotron (looks under type MultiCoin)
- (looks under type MultiCoin)
- give-me-coins (looks under type MultiCoin)
- Novacoin pools
- CHNCoin pools
- Feathercoin pools
- BBQCoin Pools
- MinCoin Pools
- RoyalCoin Pools
- DigiCoin Pools
- Elacoin Pools
- GlobalCoin Pools
- BitBar Pools
- YaCoin Pools
- FastCoin Pools
- YbCoin Pools
- Norbit Pools
- AlphaCoins
- Argentum
- BottleCap
- CraftCoin
- XenCoin
- MasterCoin
- DiamondCoin
- StarCoin
- GrandCoin
- GrowthCoin
- DesCoin
- KrugerCoin
- Franco
- SecureCoin
- ZetCoin
- MegaCoin
- AnonCoin
- PrimeCoin
- DogeCoin
- GrainCoin
- LottoCoin

and more coins to come

Current Exchanges include:

- CoinEx
- BitStamp
- Cryptsy
- MCXNow
- MtGox
- Kraken
- Bter

Export Miners as batch or single files. You must provide a code to export the file. Afterwards you must use the same code to import the file.

Reasons for the permissions stated when installing app:

Phone calls (Read phone status and identity):

This is required to get use information from the phone to secure the data stored on the app. this is to provide extra security and piece of mind to the user knowing if the data is somehow stolen form the app, the data would not be readable.

Storage (modify or delete the contents of your USB storage):

This has recently been added to allow users to backup and restore their list of workers.

Network communitcion(Full network access):

This is merely to provide internet access to gather the miner data.

NOTE: Autorefresh will keep your device awake ONLY when the app is active and displaying a miner's status or until the user toggles auto refresh off

If there are any problems or if you have any suggestions on what you would like to see in this app, please don't hesitate to report them here or to my email address.

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