CSA ® DIY Trading Signals



Now you can more effectively manage your 401k, mutual funds, ETFs and variable annuity investments with the CSA® DIY Trading Signals app.

Each week you receive an updated ranking of all the investment choices in the feed selected. For instance, Fidelity® Mutual Funds is considered one feed, Vanguard® ETFs another, etc.

The individual investments in a feed are ranked from best to worst and those recommended show in green shading whereas those that should be avoided show in red shading.

Selections are ranked using a proprietary algorithm that has been successfully in use for over a decade.

Almost a thousand feeds to choose from including all the major mutual funds families, ETFs, popular variable annuities and company 401k plans. If your company plan, mutual fund or ETF family isn't listed let me know and I will get it added.

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