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The quickest way to keep track of your delivery tips. Just enter the tip amount using voice or a handy touch menu and Delivery Tip Tracker takes care of the rest. Unlike other apps, there's no need to fill out numerous text fields for every tip you enter. It also automatically generates useful stats like distance driven per delivery, average tip per mile driven, and much more.

- Enter tips using voice or by selecting the tip amount from a simple list
- Automatic retrieval of delivery addresses using your phone's GPS
- Multiple mileage calculation options
- Timestamp for each delivery
- Calculates miles driven on each delivery and dollars earned per mile driven
- Quickly view various stats like average tip, average tip per mile driven, and more
- Minimalist interface designed for superior readability
- Keep track of transactions that don't involve mileage
- Option to turn off/on GPS features

With Delivery Tip Tracker, adding tips using voice is blazing fast. As soon as you add a tip, your phone's GPS automatically pulls the address of your current location to serve as the delivery address. It also automatically creates a timestamp indicating the time the tip was entered. Delivery Tip Tracker automatically calculates how far you've driven for each delivery and displays related information. Since every store pays out mileage differently, you can configure how your store handles mileage. Using simple radio buttons, you can select whether you're on a single, double, triple, or any other amount. So, if your store pays out different mileage depending on whether you're on a single, double, or triple, the app will automatically add the correct mileage amounts for you. There's also an option for tracking transactions that don't involve mileage, such as in-store tips or gas purchases.

I'm open to any feature requests you might have. I'd also love to hear about any feedback or problems you might be having. Just email me!

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