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Demo v2.25

**** This is the free, demo version, which only allows 2 accounts to be created, and limits the number of transactions per account to 5, and most of the application's extras like password protection have been disabled.
The free-version has been provided for demonstration purposes only, and is not intended to be a fully-functioning application. ****

Securely Track Your Finances
The Android Checkbook Register application is for replacing your paper checkbook register, balancing your checking, savings, and other accounts, and to stay organized with your income and expenses, knowing the actual balances with regard to pending transactions versus those that have cleared, and for use in planning your budget.

With the Android Checkbook Register application, you can securely track your financial transactions and avoid overdraft charges, without the security risks of wireless internet connections or being tied to your bank and other financial institutions account data, and gives you the ability to perform filtered searches on the go, to look up previous transactions, keep track of what has cleared, see the cleared balance versus actual balance, etc.

The Android Checkbook Register application features multiple accounts, payee and category lists, sorting options, filtered searches, data export, and reports, optional password protection, database Backup/Restore, long-press to view options such as clear/un-clear transactions, delete a transaction, etc.

Know the Actual Balances in your Accounts
Your bank, credit card, and other account statements and online balances will usually be different from the actual balance of your accounts. With the Android Checkbook Register App, you can stay up-to-date with what your actual account balances are, avoid over-draft fees.

View Reports by Payees/Categories, Income/Expenses, and Cleared/Not-Cleared
The Android Checkbook Register App includes the ability to create custom Payees and Categories that can then be used when creating transactions.

Export Data to .CSV files and Backup/Restore Data
The Android Checkbook Register App supports exporting your data to a .CSV file.
Furthermore, you can back up your database file to save a backup of your data.

Key Features
• Go paperless!! Replaces your paper checkbook register
• No user-profile account or registration required!!

• Secure!!
o No worries about syncing data across wireless networks
o No worries about your data being compromised in cloud storage (the data stays on your device)
o Optional Password Protection

• The Android Checkbook Register Application features:
o Multiple Accounts
o Custom Payees and Categories
o Sorting Options
o Custom Filtered Searches
o Export Data to .CSV files
o View Reports on transactions based on the Payee/Category, Income/Expenses, Cleared/Not-Cleared
o Backup/Restore Database Data

• Tips on Using the Application
o Application settings, tools, and info are available in the menu on the Accounts screen
o Long-Click on a Transaction to clear, unclear, or delete the transaction
o Long-Click on an Account to edit or delete it
o More options are available in the menu-options for each screen

Excellent Customer Support
Please feel free to contact us at the email address listed on our site for support, if you have questions or concerns, or if you have suggestions about the Android Checkbook Register App. We respond quickly, and are committed to helping answer questions, resolve concerns, and help you through any issues you may encounter.

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