Domburi Cash



Android client for GnuCash.

Simply open and edit your GnuCash file. No need to import/export.

It is designed for daily and personal use to quickly view and input transactions. You can use any of the currency supported in GnuCash such as Dollar, Yen, Euro, Won, etc.

- Read and write a GnuCash file in sqlite3 format
- Edit and add transactions of 1-to-1 and 1-to-many splits(*)
- Search and delete all patterns of transactions
- Basic inference to select accounts based on history
- Permission of Internet access is not required
- Show current balance of accounts
- Sort by transaction date or edit date
- [Experimental] Import conflicted copy
- [Experimental] Import transactions on Japanese Suica/Felica card via NFC (by Domburi Cash NFC Plugin)

1) 3rd-party application of file explorer such as
ES File Explorer
ASTRO File Manager
2) Existing GnuCash file

- It can fail to open a file that use advanced function of GnuCash.
- Back up your GnuCash file before opening it, just in case.
- UI of the latest release can be different from the screenshots.
- The following types of transactions are supported:
1-to-1 splits
- Income increase
- Expense increase
- Move assets (pair of asset increase & decrease)
- Refinance (pair of debt increase & decrease)
- Borrow (pair of asset increase and debt increase)
- Payback (pair of asset decrease and debt decrease)
1-to-many splits
- Income incerase
- Expense increase
- Asset increase
- Asset decrease
- Debt increase
- Debt decrease

Any other transactions are shown as "Other" in the timeline.

Check the following URL for known issues and details of limitations:

Support site (Change logs, Downloads of previous versions):

See also: An online tool to convert CSV to OFX for GnuCash import.

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