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Keep up to date on the hourly electricity rate in Sweden!

Elskling Live displays the current hourly price in öre/kWh for the specified electricity area. The price displayed in the app or widget is the power exchange NordPool’s hourly rate.

The app will make you aware of how the electricity prices change every hour and send a notification the hours when the electricity prices are above or below set limits. Those who have an electricity contract with hourly rate can then choose to turn off the electrical appliances that consume a lot of electricity at high hourly rates, or catch up on laundry and run the dishwasher when hourly rates are low.

# Displays the current hourly electricity rate in the specified electricity area.
# Supports all electricity areas in Sweden.
# Lets you specify your preferred limits for high and low electricity prices.
# Notifies you if the rate is higher or lower than set limits by: optional notifications and color coded backgrounds in the app.
# The widget allows you to overview the hourly rate directly on your home screen.

October 1, 2012 a new law entered into force, enabling the Swedish households to get their electricity consumption measured at an hourly basis. The measurement makes it possible for the power trading companies to offer electricity contracts based on your personal hourly consumption – a price where your hourly consumption multiplies the current hourly rate.


Elskling live is developed by elskling.se

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