Emergency Money



101 Ways to Raise Emergency Money

If you are hit with a serious money crisis and you find yourself scrambling around for emergency money, here’s how to assess your situation and get back on your feet.

Here are a few of the ideas discussed in the book.

Albert Einstein said: "It takes a genius to see the obvious."

*Being Calm is the First Key to managing a money emergency

*What Is Your Emergency Plan?

*Time to Crunch some Numbers

*The Idea is to Make a Smart Decision and not a Rash one

*Start to Build your Emergency Fund

*Increase your Cash Flow without going further into debt

*Even YOU can save while on a shoestring

Chapter 1-How To Cope With A Cash

Chapter 2-Ways To Save Money

Chapter 3-Smart Tips For Living On A

Chapter 4-How To Save Money On Gas

Chapter 5-Six Easy Steps To Slash
Your Electric Bill

Chapter 6-Quick Cash Fixes

Chapter 7-Find Free Money

Here are some of the suggestions:

*Use cheap gas-engineers design
our cars for them

*Federal deductions for using gas
saving cars-can be as high as $2000

*Install a programmable thermostat.
This can reduce energy wasted while
heating or cooling a house when no
one is home or everyone’s asleep.

*CFL’s will use up to 75% less
energy than standard incandescent
bulbs and will last up to 10 times
longer, according to Home Energy

*Among household appliances, the
refrigerator is likely your biggest
energy consumer, especially if it’s
more than 15 years old.

And many, many more...

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