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@ Expense Manager Pro

*** At any point of time you know your spending and how its spent and how much you left. ***

- An application tool to monitor your daily expenses based on category and cash/card type (Cash or Credit or Debit card).
- Reports helps you to visualize your money spending and balance for current month.
- Budget manager keep on updates your financial position for current month. You can set budget for current month and all categories which you defined in Category Manager.
- Income manager keeps your income feeds.
- Lock your screen with passcode.
- SD Card support
- Data backup support
- E-mail report support for cash/card and customized reports.
- It requires android minimal permission to run this app.
- App size is very small. When compare to other apps it is too small but powerful and much effective one.
- Graph has stunning features like pinch zoom, dynamic value display by touching graph, you can drag your graph left and right side to view futher.
- Unlimited category, cash/card creations.

@ Category Manager
- category is a simple group name which you can recognize for particular spending transaction group.
example: If you buy a train ticket you can define category like "Transport" or "Travel"
Main Category: Transport
Sub Category: (empty)

If you want to track the fuel expense for your car or bike then you can define different category,
Main Category: Transport
Sub Category: Fuel
Main Category: Fuel
Sub Category: (empty)

@ Cash/Card Manager
- unique feature.
- it is simple tag/marker/label name for your cash or credit or debit card which you used for any transaction.
example: you have 1 credit and 1 debit and some cash
you may buy lot of things with using of one of these cards or cash. So you can define your cards (just tag or marker for your cards or money).
so you can easily monitor your particular card or cash purchases.

@ Reports
- check your today's expense and its transactions
- balance report for current month and vivid graph display
- cardwise and cashwise transactions display for specified month
- track your expense by monthly, yearly and specific date ranges and its graph displayed by categorywise or dailywise.

@ Backup
- take backup by exporting to .csv file format.
- importing the same .csv file format supported.

[Tip: Take regular backup for your data safety. Remember to take backup before updating to any versions.]

@ Help
- main help shows the operating procedure.
- by pressing 'option' menu you can access the help.

Thanks for using it. Please rate it.

Any queries and suggestions contact me at [ rahul71112@gmail.com ]

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