Everyone in this world is a dreamer. Everyone wants to achieve their dreams. Most of these dreams require you to plan your finances. With money management in mind, we at MYND have come up with an application that would help you manage your money better. We bring to you an application called 'Expenses'. This application not only stores all your expense details but also lets you analyse your spendings with regards to your monthly budget. For a layman, Expenses is a simple expense calculator.


1. Add Expenses
- A simple way to add expense related details.
- Every expense can be categorized for tracking purposes.
2. View Expenses
- A tab based UI that helps you view your expenses for a single day/week/month/year.
- It also helps you navigate between multiple days/weeks/months/years for better comparison and analysis.
- You can sort expenses in ascending or descending order.
- You can also narrow down the display results by filtering on specific category or mode of payment.
- Continuous totaling helps you analyse the amount you spent on different combinations.
3. Configure Monthly Budget.
- Expenses also keeps track of the budget allotted per month.
- It enables you to keep track of the difference between budget amount and actual amount spent in that month.
4. Expense Categories.
- Expenses comes with a list of pre-defined categories.
- These categories can be updated.
- New categories can also be added.
5. Home Screen Widget
- Daily and monthly expenses on the home screen
- Ability to add and view expense directly from home screen.

For support/Feedback/upgrades please contact myndmedia@gmail.com

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