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Looking for quick cash in the form of a payday loan, cash advance, payroll advance or installment loan? We can help! Working with multiple lenders maximizes your rate of acceptance and ensures that, if approved, you will get the cash you need, fast.

$ How Does it Work? $
The process is fast and easy. Simply complete the app with all required information and submit. While you wait, our computer servers will contact multiple lenders on your behalf and be back to you in minutes with the results. If approved, you will be redirected to to review and electronically sign the loan documents, or otherwise redirected to other service providers who may be able to help.

$ Your Security $
As members of the OLA (Online Lenders Alliance), we adhere to a strict code of conduct that ensures privacy, speed and security when it comes to your submission. Personal data such as your name, address, and SSN are collected to reduce fraud and protect your identity, while your banking information is collected so that lenders know where to send your cash. Additionally, our internal privacy policy mandates the regular release and destruction of your most sensitive personal data. For additional information, please review our privacy policy in full.

$ What does it cost? $
In that we work with many different providers, costs will vary. After your submission, you'll be able to review all terms and conditions (including costs) of the provider you're matched with and can decide to finalize your submission. It is important to note that a cash advance loan is designed as a short term loan to help with an immediate cash need. Rates charged by the providers in our network are far better than multiple overdraft bank fees, bounced check charges, and other costs associated with not being able to immediately access the money you need.

$ How quickly will I get my cash? $
This answer depends upon the provider you are matched with, however most will be able to get cash in your hands within 24 hours of submitting your form (some even sooner!) Be sure to complete all information accurately and confirm all loan details in order to expedite processing.

$ How long do I have to repay the loan? $
While most cash advance lenders require repayment of the loan on receipt of your next paycheck, you may be able to extend your loan further, depending upon which lender you are matched with and what state you reside in. See the terms and conditions of your matched lender after submitting your form.

$ I have bad credit. Will I qualify for the loan? $
Cash advance loans are loans that can provide you with cash, even if you have a bankruptcy, previously bounced checks, or other credit blemishes. As long as you are currently employed (or receiving regular income), are 18 or older and a U.S. citizen, you are eligible to apply.

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