Finance Calculator



Finance Calculator is a Business purpose Calculator.It is used to find every loan relative Finance according to time period and finally give the accurate result.Here we find the three type of Loan First is Annuity ,Second one is Differentiated and The last the last is Fixed Payment.
And Now we check the old payment to current payment through compare chart.
Now we can say that this Calculator used to find Car loan,Home Loan,Bank Loan and other extra loan which needed to business.and checked monthly Scheduled.
TAG and Features:
Annuity Loan: It is a value equal to the sum of the monthly payment on the loan, which includes the
amount of accrued interest for the loan and the amount of principal debt.
Differentiated Loan:It is a monthly loan payment, decreasing to the end of the loan term and consist of paid
permanent share of principal debt and interest on the unpaid balance of the loan.
Fixed Payment: A fixed monthly repayment of principal plus a share interest for the unpaid balance of the