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Instantly find high yield stocks paying high dividends with next quarter dividends projected. Automatically screens for the best dividend Payout Ratio, P/E and Profit Margin. The fields are color coded for buy strengthwithPayout Ratio green for ratios less than 50% and red for ratios above 50%. Profit Margins less than 25% are red, orange above 25% to 70% and green after 70%. P/E Ratio’s below 20% are green and red above 20%.
A company with a50% payout ratio (the ratio of dividend per share to earnings per share) has at least twice the earnings per dividend they pay out. Companies with high profit margins, 70% or better are generally safer investments when a decline in sales occurs. A low P/E Ratio indicates cheaper stock with more upside than downside potential and should provide a better long-term return.
In general, high yield stocks paying high dividends, typically above 5-10%provide a steady income with growth potential. Rule of 72states, if you invest in a stock with a 10% yield, you will double your investment in 7 years from the dividend alone.
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