Fusion financial Calculator



Fusion calculator is all in one calculator for your day to day use and finances. It's made up of 17 calculators including:
1. Simple and agile calculator with '=%', MR, MS keys, and customizable number of decimal digits.
2. Credit card payoff and min balance calculator.
3. 401 (k) calculator
4. Currency converter with charts. Drag and drop support for currency list. (Long press)
5. Multi items discount calculator. (VAT and database)
6. Percent calculator, pre discounted price finding.
7. Date calculator - d day, age calculator, days between, years between.
8. Weight manager calculator - BMI, Ideal weight, BMR, WHR.
9. ROI and CAGR calculator.
10. PV/FV calculator
11 Tip calculator.
12. AnnuityCalculator
13. General loan calculator
14. Compound Interest calculator.
15. savings goal calculator.
16. Fixed deposit calculator.
17. Installment or recurring savings calculator.

* You can set a start-up calculator.
* Custom keyboard with '.', '00', '000' keys that you can quickly enter numbers and money amount.
* Auto save one entry feature that you do not need to enter data every time.

Your suggestions and comments are valuable and always welcomed.


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