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Financial control system personnel.

Meet the Gold Finance, an application that will help you plan your financial life. Now you will have a personal finance manager in the palm of your hand, eliminating spreadsheets and tax coupons.

You no longer have to balance consulting and taking statements from your bank account, the Gold Finance will do it for you. With real-time monitoring of finance, will be easier to plan, organize and achieve financial goals.

With the Gold Finance you will launch your debits and credits when they are being conducted in an organized and categorized according to their transactions. So those routine expenses that are the hardest to control, will be recorded and you will never be without knowing where did their money at the end of the month.

Available in English and Portuguese.

Some resources:

- Registration of accounts (current account / Investment / Cash Account / Credit Card)
- Registration class
- Released Income / Expense
- Launches Accounts payable / receivable (forecast)
- Export moviments/categories spreadsheet (XLS).
- Password to start
- Backup Routine
- Transfer between accounts
- Analysis of expenses by categories
- Analysis of credit card
- Analysis of forecasts
- Extracts
- Scheduled Releases (Release that are repeated with certain frequency).
- Customizing the layout
- Low partial moviments

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