Goldman Sachs Turbo



The Goldman Sachs Turbo is a leveraged investment product that enables you to respond to an expected directional price movement of various underlying asset, such as: stocks, indices, commodities, exchange rates and bonds. By investing in Turbos you can profit from both price rises and price drops. If you expect the price of the underlying asset to rise, you buy a Turbo Long. If you expect the price of the underlying asset to fall, you buy a Turbo Short. You can also use Turbos to hedge risks of price drops in for example your equity portfolio. In addition to that that, Turbos are very transparent investment products, which enables you to calculate the value of your investment yourself at any time of the day.

The Goldman Sachs Turbo app allows you to easily see all the active and terminated Turbos on your smartphone. With the search- and filter functions you can look for and monitor your favourite Turbos quickly. You can also view all the latest Turbo news, to keep yourself up to date.

Turbos are high-risk financial products and as such, they are only suitable for experienced and active investors with a high degree of risk tolerance. Before investing in Turbos it is important that u understand the characteristics and risks of this product completely

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