Gratuity Calculator



A simple yet stylish and efficient Gratuity Calculator designed to be easy to use. It calculates grand total using 10%, 15%, 20% gratuity and a custom service percentage gratuities.
This free gratuity calculator features fast amount entry, ideal for those eating out. With just a few taps you can easily determine the gratuity to leave your waiter or waitress. Easily round your gratuities up or down, to provide you with the perfect gratuity every time.
The Gratuity Calculator will even split your bill making it very simple to figure out what each person in your party owes in case your party or group decide to go Dutch.
And did I mention its ad free and requires no permissions!
-Calculates in real time
-Split bill between any number of people
-Specify your own custom gratuity percent
-move to SD
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