To be more easy "HOW MUCH MONEY DID I SPEND ?"

I want to manage the money, but I do not know income or expenditure...
This app can be confirm quickly and easily, that is "How much did I spend"!
I Recommend this app for such people!↓

・Since have increased the amount of alcohol and tobacco recently, I want to verify that how much did I spend!
・I want to manage the money for the first time, I can not write household account books because it must input to so many items.

Item that you must enter is only three of "Name", "bought date", "price"!
if you choose period, for example "2011/10 - 2011/11" and you can verify total price.
Please use it to help the management of money!

・This application is only for use simple management of money.
This application can not to resolve the debt or habit of wasting money.
・This application can not to use scale beyond the scope of personal money management,
such as Corporate financial management.
・I do not compensation for any damage that occurs when you use this application.

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