Achieving financial success requires discipline and the right type of tools. With iBudget-EZ, you will be equipped with the ideal tool to execute your personal financial plans. Whether you are saving for a new car, a child’s college tuition, a down payment for a new home or just to go on the perfect vacation, it all begins with setting up a budget and sticking to it. Even more important than creating a budget is staying within that budget. This is where iBudget-EZ can be your greatest ally. Simply enter the amount of your income (monthly or annually) and the iBudget-EZ app automatically calculates the amounts for your budget. Once you create your budget staying on track is as simple as pulling out your Smartphone and tapping on the Voice Control button of the app and speaking into the your phone the expense type and amount and the app will instantly update your budgets and display 9 Colorful graph displaying your available budget for specific expense categories of your budget.