Income Expense Analyzer



This application is supported for icecream sandwitch and heighr versions.
1) This application is income and expanse recoder and analyzer .
2) You can record your daily income and expense in application and can view your income and expence in list form and graph .
3) Default Pin code for Income Expense Analyzer is “00000.
4) After Login, You have to Change Your Pin code and Add Your Cell No for Recovery Option.
5) Password protection: you can protect your data from unauthorized access (set password)
6) If you forget your pin code then the message will be Send on your given number that you have added.
7) Sort your transactions by date, amount, title or category.
8) Create Your Categories For Incomes and Expenses.
9) Add Your Daily Expenses and Incomes in those Categories that you created.
10) Check Daily or Monthly Reports for Incomes or Expenses.
11) The graphical overview is perfect for planning your expenses over the upcoming of months.
12) Analyze Your Monthly Saving or Expenses By Chart.
13) 3.Reports for outcome\income for day\week\month\year plus their detalization (up to categories)
14) Analyze Your Budget.

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