Income Tax Assistant FY2013-14



For FY2014-15 and beyond, use the new app "India Income Tax Assistant".

Income Tax Assistant is not just another tax calculator. It is designed for salaried Indian tax payers to track Income and tax liabilities right from the beginning of the financial year to enable you to plan your tax savings in advance. In short it is your Personal Tax Consultant.

To get started, fill in your salary structure and you are ready to view your TDS and take home salaries for each month.

Keep updating and actualizing each month's details as and when you receive your pay slips. See how hour house rent, home loan and investments impact your take home salary.

Export and email to yourself your monthly salary data as a CSV file which can be opened and verified in Excel. Email yourself a report of the tax calculations summary as a HTML file.

There is also a quick calculator to find the tax payable for a given taxable income.

Get instant Help on various data by clicking on the text that has a (?) next to it.

- Indian Income tax rules for FY 2013-14 (AY 2014-15)
- Earnings and deductions for each month
- Deductions/ Savings - PF contributions, HRA exemptions and other investments
- Income from house property and other sources
- Calculation of rebates and surcharge as per 2013 budget proposals
- Export salary details in a CSV file
- Summary of tax calculations
- Recommendation for any possible tax savings
- Email summary as an attachment
- Password protection
- Quick tax calculator

- Applicable for India only
- Not applicable for Senior citizens and Super senior citizens - majority of them are not salaried, so this app will not add value to them
- Capital gains not included, however, you can include it in Other Income by factoring suitably

Privacy: All user data is stored in the mobile device and not transmitted over networks.

Support: Send your feedback, suggestions, issues and bugs by email to

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