Interest Calculator



Calculates results with or without compound interest.

How much money do I have in the end if I invest 3000$ with an interest of 3%? The Interest Calculator saves you the search for formulas or the annoying mental arithmetics and gives you an idea what to expect at the end of an investment or credit. Simply enter the principal amount in the first box, enter the number of time periods (usually years), the money is invested or borrowed in the second field, then the interest rate as a percentage in the third field and the final amount will get calculated.

I can not guarantee that the computing of the interest runs without errors and calculates correct results. This app is intended to generate an estimate how much to expect before money is invested. I take no guarantee that these amounts are in fact reached at the end of the investment. If you are planing to invest large amounts please plan everything carefully with your financial advisor and not solely trust on this a small Android App.

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