Introduction 2 Accounting



Before being a CPA, or studying the IFRS or US GAAP, You should get a very strong knowledge of accounting techniques, processes and philosophy of work.

This Application is a very good starting point to understand what's accounting and how it works.
This Application is suitable for students, accounting professionals and CPA, CIA, CMA, ACCA, CA, CIMA, GMAT, CFE candidtas.
By the end of this App, We will not say that you will be a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) but you will master most of accounting rules and you can read and may also analyze financial statements.

Here's what you will get:
1-Introduction to Accounting
2-Methods of Accounting
3- Financial Statements
4-Users of accounts and accounting concepts
5-Introduction to Debits and Credits
6- Asset Accounts
7- Liability and Stockholders\' Equity Accounts
8- Introduction to Stockholders\' Equity
9- Income Statement Accounts
10- The Accounting Cycle: Accounting Process
11- Recording Transactions

12- Introduction to Bookkeeping
13- Accrual Method
14- detailed Accounting techniques
15- General Ledger Accounts
16-Chart of Accounts
17- Debits and Credits in the Accounts
18- Introduction to Payroll Accounting
19-Payroll Withholdings: Taxes and Benefits Paid by Employees
20 -Accounting for fixed assets

21- Depreciation of fixed assets
22-Bank Reconciliation
23-Adjusting Entries
24-Balance Sheet
25- Statement of Stockholders\' Equity
26- Closing Cut-Off and Controls
27- Introduction to Ratio Analysis

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