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This App aims at placing users ahead of the pack in assessing shifts in economic and market dynamics so as to better predict central bank policy changes and make profitable decisions in stock, bonds, commodities, and currency markets accordingly. It also strives to build an understanding of economic cycles and to highlight the market implications of the changes in inflation and market outlooks.

It demonstrates how the evolving trends in global economic growth and the secular trend in the dollar could reshape the makeup of capital flows and reshape the foreign financing of U.S. imbalances. The impact of such developments on the U.S. dollar and overall global currency reserve composition could be significant, especially as the rally in commodities continues to unfold at the expense of the greenback.

The App also analyzes how the Fed works, with an emphasis on how to formulate an investment strategy. From interest rates to inflation to economic growth and much more, the fundamental concepts presented in the App provide an essential foundation of knowledge for investors to profit in the stock, bonds, commodities, and currency markets.

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