Over 80% of small businesses who use accounting software, use Quickbooks. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of these same businesses have learned how to use their software correctly.

Despite marketing claims by Intuit, the manufacturer of Quickbooks, many Quickbooks users have problems both learning how to use QBs correctly and understanding how the software can assist them in managing their businesses more effectively.
Most CPAs are unable to adequately provide Quickbooks consulting services to their clients. Only a very small minority of CPAs take the time to become certified as QBs Pro-Advisors. QBs Pro-Advisors undergo rigorous training and testing before they receive certification as a Pro-Advisor. Due to this lack of formal training, both the client and the CPA normally muddle their way through the QBs program during the year and the CPA is left to interpret the mess at the end of the year.

When I started my firm, I decided to change this model of doing business. I received all the training and underwent all the testing necessary to become a Certified Quickbooks Pro-Advisor. I make sure that all my clients are properly instructed on how to correctly use their Quickbooks accounting.

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