KankakeeAgent 2.0



KankakeeAgent is City/County Specific Closing Cost Software that comes preloaded with calculations and closing costs for Real Estate Professionals. It allows them to easily and quickly generate Buyer Estimates and Seller Net Sheets from any Smart Phone, PC or MAC. KankakeeAgent also allows the user to fully customize email/printouts for their clients. (Kankakeeagent, Kankakee agent, Kankakeeagent 2.0, Kankakee agent 2.0, Kankakee title, Kankakee title 2.0, Kankakee title closing costs app, real estate calculator, mortgage calculator, closing costs app, net sheet app, Kankakee title closing costs, Kankakee title net sheet, Kankakee agent net sheet, Kankakee net sheet, net sheet, net sheet calculator, seller net sheet, seller closing costs, buyer closing costs, real estate app, real estate, mortgage, loan calculator, buyer payment, monthly payment calculator, monthly mortgage, closing costs estimator).