"letzzShare" is built to keep track of expenses/income incurred amongst a group of members.Start sharing your home,flat,trip,party etc expenses/income.It provides the following features:

• Create an account and add your members.
• Add expense/income to that account.
• Distribute expense/income equally among the members or manually (define ratio for each member).
• Update the account details - add members, update their email id and phone number.
• Delete the account- The members/transactions will be deleted.
• Create reports on basis of date(for a particular period),type of transaction(income/expense), members(all or some selected members) and category(amount spent on a particular category like food, drinks, room rent etc).
• Generate individual share for each member for a set of transactions.
• Send short report via SMS.
• Send detailed report via Email.
• Internet is not required to run the application.