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    Litchfield Bancorp has deep roots in Northwestern Connecticut. In fact, our history of service to our community goes back 160 years. We were born in this area, and we’re proud of our local roots.

    We’ve grown steadily throughout the years and expanded from our base in Litchfield, CT to serve customers in several surrounding towns. Now, we have approximately $200 million in total assets and offices in Litchfield, Lakeville, Oakville, Washington and Torrington.

    Now, through mergers and other changes in the banking industry, we’re the only remaining hometown bank in Litchfield.

    What’s been the secret to our success? A genuine commitment to meeting the needs of the communities we serve. Dedication to the proposition that “Every Customer Counts.” And an ongoing focus on making a positive impact in the lives of our customers.

    That’s where we've been and who we are now. But if you really want to know what Litchfield Bancorp is all about, stop by one of our offices. Talk with us. Then, open an account and make us prove to you that, at our bank, every customer really does count.