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MazeTax calculates income tax, PAYG withholding amount, superannuation, Medicare Levy, Medicare Levy Surcharge, flood levy, HELP repayment & BAS.

Our goal is to make Australian businesses more productive, competitive and importantly, more profitable. Any comments on the app are welcome.

- Calculates monthly, fortnightly and weekly income based on the given annual income;
- Calculates income tax;
- Calculates Medicare levy using thresholds for singles;
- Calculates HELP repayment;
- Calculates net tax;
- Calculates monthly, fortnightly and weekly PAYG withholding required by the government;
- Calculates Medicare Levy Surcharge based on rates for singles;
- Calculates flood levy for 2011-12 income year;
- Calculates superanuation based on the configurable rate and the minimum threshold;
- Supporting both 2011-12 and 2012-13 tax years;
- Calculates BAS payment or refund based on GST, PAYG tax withheld, income tax.

Please read the terms and conditions (T&C) before use.

NOTE: this app is designed for phones only. Please do not use this app for tablets and get disappointed.

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