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Over 95% of people do not track their expense because it is too difficult & BORING. Even the other 5% are hassled because even sometimes they forget to file their expense after the transaction.

MCUBE takes away all the pain & makes personal expense tracking almost magical by automating the filing process and auto categorizing the expenses.

We do it by processing your bank transaction SMS (we hope you get one every time you transact. Its a service mandated by Reserve Bank of India).


As soon as you receive a transaction SMS on your phone, MCUBE shows you a pop-up & asks you to file it. No more forgetting or frantically searching for the bills in your cupboard.

In addition to automatic tracking, it has the following features

- Tracks across banks & card types( credit/debit)
- Manual addition of expenses ( for the ones you dont get an SMS)
- Automatic categorization based on the vendor name in the SMS
- Adding a small note to the expense to personalize it
- Summary across accounts, days, expense categories
- Graphs for better visualization of expenses
- Auto filing of expenses on first install
- Adding budgets, getting budget exceed alerts

- You can choose to receive either a pop-up or a notification upon receiving the transaction SMS
- Got a new category of spending (E.g. Fiance), Add it! Or want to forget an expense ( watch for in-laws), Delete it!
- In-app feedback - Bricks & flowers, both are welcome. Use this feature to report if MCUBE didnt recognize your bank or expense or both.

Banks Covered : All major ones : CITI, HDFC, ICICI, SBI, STANCHART, HSBC.

To err is human. If MCUBE doesnt recognize your bank or expense or both, please use the in-app feedback feature to report.

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