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    Do you want to have your money fully controlled? Do you always expect to be available more money than really is?

    RATINGS / REVIEWS "5 of 5 stars" "The essential financial application for your mobile" "It deserves the 5 starts: simple, elegant, atractive, practical... just what should be"


    English, Spanish, French and German


    For all this you have "Money Saver", the easiest and most attractive application to keep track of your money. Simple and intuitive, it lets you manage all your expenses quickly and with just a few taps on the screen within a very attractive interface. You will really enjoy to show your friends (leaving the amounts covered by privacy, hehe ). Keep everything organized in your pocket with "Money Saver"!

    Designed looking for simplicity and usability, "Money Saver" saves all your expenses in one place, without being an expert money manager or manage complex interfaces that need a lot of time to learn and use correctly.


    * Now ready for mobiles with any resolution (since 320x480 and superior). Optimized for high resolution mobiles!
    * Attractive interface, based on simplicity and usability.
    * Add entrys in just a few taps on the screen, using attractive buttons and the categories and subcategories already configured.
    * Allows you to add custom notes to the entrys to increase their details.
    * Support for monthly payments.
    * You can view, edit and delete any entry at any time.
    * Support for custom subcategories. Up to 180 different combinations to categorize your entries!
    * Balance detailed by month and day, allowing checking expenses and savings easily by month and day, sorted by date and by category.
    * Watch your spending and saving with nice 'donuts' graphics (showing the percentages of expenses by category in each month) and 'bar' graphics (showing the total expenses by category each month during the past year).
    * Focus on savings, you can see the amount saved each month and watch them in graphical format.
    * You can set different currencies, useful and valid for almost all countries.
    * High resolution interface optimized for Android phones.
    * This application does not request any special permission from your phone! Simple and safe.


    * Importing data can only be performed from a data file exported from the same program (full or lite version) from the 1.80 version (or above) of the program (not compatible with files from earlier versions).

    * The content of the data file to import should not be handled, must be maintained exactly as the program exports it.

    * The data file to import must be named "MoneySaver_import.csv" and be at the root of the SD card.

    * Importing data removes all data that is in the program and replaced by the data coming from the file.


    2.00 Version: optimizations and improvements
    1.80 Version: new export format, and now you can import data from a file!
    1.77 Version: widget bugs fixed (now it works perfectly)
    1.75 Version: now with French and German languages support

    Please send your suggestions for improvements to the following address. I will try to include the most requested and that you consider most useful in the following versions of the application:

    silvia.santos.delamo @

    If you like the application, please rate it at Market, and tell friends and acquaintances ;)

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