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One’s wealth is not all about the money he earns, but how wise he manages his expenses.

Using Money Tracker you can easily keep track of your expenses and you can even do that using your built-in graphs that will help you understand how much you spend, but most important, what are the things that you spend the most on!

It’s as easy as it sounds! All you have to do is after you buy something, put down your expense (you don’t even have to write all of it, cause MoneyTracker will definitely know what item you just bought) and it's MoneyTracker's business from then on! Think of it as a personal accountant who is always there for you to keep track of all the things you bought.

But wait! There’s even more! Based on your incomes, you will always have on the top of your app-screen a Wealth Indicator!
What’s this Wealth Indicator you ask? Well it’s about how wisely you spend your money! You start from being "Healthy and Wealthy" and if you spend a lot you will end up being "Poor and proud". But, hey! There is no reason to worry about, cause you just started to use MoneyTracker. You can be sure, that in a couple of weeks, you’ll be the wisest spender in your group!

It’s time for you to consider yourself rich not thinking about your earned amount of money, but thinking about how wise you spend that amount of money every month!

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