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Loan and Mortgage calculator, which computes monthly payment amount and Amortization Schedule for Fixed and ARM mortgages as well as for mortgage with Balloon payment.

Here are some its notable features that let you to:

- Compute full amortization schedule for Fixed, ARM and Balloon home mortgages.

- Calculate PMI fixed rate mortgages with automatic drop in monthly payment once LTV becomes 80%.

- Estimate savings by making additional payment each month (or one-time)

- See snapshot of a loan, including total balance, interest rate, total interest paid, monthly payment etc.

- Save complete payment schedules on external or internal SD memory.

- Determine impact of making extra payment on your loan, which can dramatically reduce the cost of loan.

- Present calculation in USD as well as in other commonly used currencies around the world.

- Compare loans to see which is best. It lets you compare up to 10 loans.

- Email amortization table using SMTP servers (with SSL authentication), such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

- Export and attach amortization table in CSV format.

NOTE: For other loan types, including Mortgage Points Calculation, see our comprehensive iQuick Calculator Pro.

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