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Do you own a property?
Do you know how much money you have invested in the property?
Do you know how much potential savings you have made with the property?
Do you know how much to sell your property to recover all your investments?

This app allows you to take control of your investments, knowing down to the penny how much profit you will be making.

When I bought my first property, I created a spreadsheet to track how much money I have been paying into the property. I also tracked how much rent I saved (based on the rent I last paid). With these, I was able to know precisely how much I should sell my property for to break even. And by comparing the break-even price with the property price on the market, I can tell when it is a good time to sell the property.

Now you can do the same with this app.

This app is absolutely unique! It takes into account the Central bank rates of your country, computing the present value of your payments and savings. This gives you a more precise break-even price.

Notice: This is a trialware. You are only limited to enter 10 payments.
To unlock the full functionality of this app, please purchase the unlocker 'My Property Key' by the same developer.

• Tracks the investments and incomes you have made on your property over the years
• Tracks your mortgages.
• Computes the break-even price of your property in real time based on the investments and incomes from your property.
• Includes a Sale Scenario Generator, simulating a property sale, to take into account additional expenses from a sale in your break-even price calculations.
• Computes the present value of your cashflows, using central bank rates, giving you a more accurate break-even price.
• Also suitable for landlords to track the rental income, costs and mortgage payments of the property.
• Supports multiple properties management!
• Email and export your cashflows and reports in a spreadsheet friendly format (CSV).
• Supports recurring cashflow setup, so you don't have to enter any recurring cashflows individually!
• Tablet-friendly layout.

How it works:
• ADD: all the investments you have made to it over the entire period of your investment, including renovation costs, mortgage interests and principal payments, maintenance costs, furniture and fitting purchases, property tax, etc, and
• SUBTRACT: all the savings made, e.g. rent saved and rental income, and
• COMPUTE: the break-even price based on all those inputs.
• ANALYZE: Tap on the 'Analyze' tab and you will have a summarized report, nicely categorized. And at the end of the report, computed from all the above, is the break-even price.

Why is this app different from other Mortgage calculator app?
1. First of all, this is not a mortgage calculator. Mortgage calculator computes estimated values of your future interest and principal payments.
This app requires you to enter the actual amount of cashflows made to be able to compute a precise break-even value for your property.
2. Many other mortgage apps do not take into account the time value of money, i.e. the present value of cash. 100 dollars 5 years ago is worth more than 100 dollars today.
This app uses the published Central Bank rates of the country where you live to compute the exact worth of your investment (property), taking into account the time value of the money you have invested.

** Permissioning
Write and Read External Storage permission is needed to create an attachment file for exporting cashflows in the email.

Disclaimer: by downloading and using this app, you agree that the developer is not responsible for any decision you may take as a result of using this app.

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