ob'Rock - Personal Finances LT



Accounting system for personal finances which includes: three types of accounts, analytics, planning, work with SMS and backups.

* Three Types of Accounts
- Accumulation Accounts
- Debts
- Credit Card Accounts

* Simple and Complex Transfers Between Accounts
- Debts Control
- Own Funds Control
- Available Funds Control

* Analysis
- Control of Accounting by Category
- Analytics Reports

* Budget Planning and Periodic Payments
- Credit Card Payments Control
- Loans Control
- Scheduled Payments
- Planned and Queued Payments
- Monthly Payments Control

* Support for SMS Notifications for Banking Operations
- Custom SMS Templates
- Instant or Delayed Transfers Triggered by Receiving SMS
- Balance Automatic Updating
- Visual Control of Transfers

* Synchronization with Dropbox (Not in LT Version)
- Fast Automatic Setup
- Ability to Work on Multiple Devices

* Backups
- Backing up Database to Downloads Folder
- Automatic Backups before Critical Operations


Many banks provide SMS alerts on credit card or account transactions. This allows triggering transactions by receiving SMS. To create triggers for transactions in such way simply create a template in Preferences section and enable SMS control.

To create the template all you need is to copy SMS text into the template field and replace all key values with special macros. You can use the macro buttons placed under the template field of template form. Do not forget to set the account which will be used for the transfer when the SMS is recognized.

Now when you receive an SMS it will be checked for a match with the entire list of templates and when the match is found, the operation will be created with the amount parsed from the SMS and using the account provided in the template.


Instead of entering numbers, you can use arithmetic expressions. You can use brackets, addition, subtraction, division and multiplication inside such expressions. The $ character will be replaced with the current account balance.

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