OLAccount-Accounting software



OLAccount is custom-made for people who are used to keep accounts. Simplified operation interface offers you an easy way to record your

daily expenses. Various display and searching modes help you understand your consumption habits. Do you want a practical accounts app?

Download OLAccount and save your money!

Instinctive operation interface
* You can update and browse today’s expenses at homepage
* Self-definable categories and quick search enable rapid expense-recording
* Calculator helps calculation of expenses

Organized historical records
* One click for detail of daily and monthly records
* Quick switch between historical records of each day, month, or year

Convenient and quick search
* Searching for keywords and selected period
* Not only list, number of matches and sum of total amount are also shown

Various display modes
* Daily bar, monthly bar, and monthly pie are available
* In the calendar mode, detail appears upon one click on the date
* With click on the category, you can browse every expense under that category

Simplified backup method
* Records can be exported as CSV formant and checked with EXCEL
* Import of the backup file restores all the records

Visual designer:Hsiao Hui Chang Design Studio(http://pandatiffany.pixpasites.com/#/home?i=367)
Software developer:Ola's Home Program Development Studio (http://wangshifuola.blogspot.tw/)

User guide:http://wangshifuola.blogspot.tw/2012/06/olaccount-instructions-en.html

Version 1.1
* New Function - You can modify the order of categories and items in the Settings.
* New Function - Data can be archived in the Ex/Import.
* Modify - The target directory of Export and automatic backup is changed to OLAccount folder instead of the root directory in SD card.
* Modify - When importing data, duplicated data will be automatically ignored.
* Improvement - There will be no delay during automatic backup even though large amounts of records are accumulated.

Version 1.2
*New Function-You can track your income and balance in Income Manegement.
*New Function-Accounting-lock is available in the settings. Your accounts are now under protection.
*New Function-You can edit income type(add,delete or modify the order).
*New Function-Backup files can be mailed in Export/Import page.
*Modify-The summary of expenses shown on top of main page and history records is ranked according to the amount of expenses.
*Improvement-There won't be error occured when importing files edited with Excel. (Note: The file should be UTF-8 format.)

Version 1.21
fix - bug when editing income item.

Version 1.31
*New Function-You can edit payment type(add,delete or modify the order).
fix - bug when using Calculator.

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