PayMet POS-Business



Innovate and start accepting mobile payments in your business now!

With PayMet Business, your POS App, you can create your profile and begin receiving payments directly to your current bank account in real time.

Yes, that’s right.

Create a merchant profile in less than 3 minutes and link a debit card to receive payment transaction from customers directly to your bank account in real time.

Using PayMet Business (POS) is really simple.

Create your profile and access with your email and PIN.
Enter the amount to be paid by the customer.
Scan the QR code from the customer’s mobile.
Wait for the customer to accept the transaction and done!

You will receive the sales amount directly to your bank account.

After each purchase/sale, both customers and merchants may view all current transactions in real time.

*Very important: you don’t need any extra devices, no card, NFC, QR code or bar code readers needed. Merchants are able to charge from a mobile or tablet with PayMet Business App uploaded.

Besides, PayMet Business provides you with a communication platform that allows you to communicate with your customers once for each purchase they make in your establishment. This platform has the ability to send information as well as promotions or coupons communications with a specific amount, so customers can pay for it with just Oneclick. The communication to your customers’ mobile may be via email or push notification.

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