PBZmToken is an application used for identity verification (identification) in accessing Internet and telephone banking and for confirmation when authorizing payment transactions (authorisation).
After the installation, application PBZmToken needs to be initiated by entering the identification and activation code, that can be required in any branch office of the Bank.
Issue of PBZmToken as additional authorisation device can also be realised through PBZ365@NET service (Internet banking).
After entering the identification and activation code, PIN needs to be defined. During PIN definition, PIN association is created, consisting of the state name and flag. The purpose of PIN association is to provide help during PBZmToken initiation, as a reminder of PIN defined during activation.
After PBZmToken activation, further use of application does not require connecting to Internet.
From now on, the use of Internet banking (PBZ365@NET and PBZInvestor services) and telephone banking (PBZ365TEL service) does not require additional devices such as Card Reader and Token – the only required device is your mobile phone.
Current users of Card Reader and Token can replace them for PBZmToken in any branch office, free of charge.

Complete security of using application PBZmToken has been confirmed by Security certificate ISO 27001:2005. PBZmToken is initiated by PIN known only by the user, PIN is not stored on the cell phone, thus warranting PIN data confidentiality. In the event of cell phone theft and unwanted attempts to access Internet and telephone banking by entering incorrect data, user authorisation is blocked, further disabling the access.

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