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    Personal Expense Manager by
    Manage your expenses efficiently and never miss recording your expense when you spend your money.
    With HiMindz Personal Expense Manager's unique feature of remembering where you spent the money,
    Next time you spend your money at the same Gas Station or your favorite restaurant, PEM will alert you to record that expense.
    And at the same time the bill reminder will ensure that you don't forget recording your bill expenses.
    Export your expenses in CSV format.
    The PEM android widget shows your current month expenses on the phone screen so that you can keep your expenses under control.

    Q. How does PEM informs me to record an expense?
    A. When you enter a shopping expense (for example Eat out at your favorite restaurant or Grocery at shopping store), PEM using GPS technology will save the location of that place. Next time you go to the same place and spend some time there, PEM will remind you to enter any expense if you did.
    (Hint: Enter your expense when you make it. Ensure that your phone's GPS is on and you are at a location where GPS signals can be received. Best practice will be to enter your expense when you come out of the place.)
    Q. Does PEM use internet.
    A. Yes PEM requires access to internet for geocoding the location and accessing the advertising banners.
    Q. How often PEM makes use of GPS (does it affect my battery)
    A. PEM uses GPS periodically, the GPS usage happens every 5-10 minutes for only 6 seconds. PEM uses android's proximity alert to identify if you are near a store or shopping place.
    Q. How does PEM reminds me of bills.
    A. When you record a bill expense first time, PEM will store the frequency and date of bill. When the next date happens for the same bill , PEM will remind you about entering the expense of that bill. (Please note PEM reminders happens at 16:55 on the bill day)
    Q. How do I get the support for this application.
    A. You may contact himindz support at or checking

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