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    2017 Phone Tax: Irish PAYE Income Tax calculator for Budget 2017 (& 2016) 11-Oct-2016

    Changes from 2016:
    -- USC rates, ceilings etc changes

    This is the mobile version of the desktop tax calculator by Karl Grabe

    It calculates your Take Home Pay, Income Tax, PRSI, Universal Social Charge (USC), Pension Contributions, Income levy and net tax due.

    It automatically assigns your standard credits but allows you to make adjustments for special ones you may be also be entitled to e.g. dependent relative.

    For a quick result just enter your annual income in the 'Self' tab (& 'Spouse' if married) and then select the 'Results' tab.


    * Caters for Single, Married or Widowed individuals
    * Private and Public A1 sectors employees
    * Enter pension as a percentage or actual amount
    * Easy to use with both built-in and on-line help
    * Saves your data privately on your phone
    * Menu options to clear your data
    * Phone performs calculations, no data sent via internet
    * Compares Current tax year with the previous one
    * Property Tax (2013+)

    This calculator uses the same code library as the first ever Irish on-line desktop calculator at It has a proven track record and has had over a million page visits since it was released in 1996. gives you extra detailed information on how the calculations are done - all you have to do is visit the site and re-enter your data there. Then select the 'details' tab.

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    Feedback by email is welcome, please visit
    If you think there's a mis-calculation please check it on first to see where the error might be.

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