Pivo is a smart wallet on your smart phone. It keeps your important banking information, payment cards and details of your favorite stores always safely with you. Pivo helps you be in control of your daily spending so you know what you can afford.

• A new era has begun! Pivo on your phone is now the handiest payment instrument in the world.

Make purchases simply by swiping your phone! Pivo is now accepted as a payment instrument in all stores with a contactless-enabled payment terminal. Pivo's payment feature is available for all Android phones supporting NFC. To be able to pay with your Pivo app, you need to have an OP-Visa Debit Mobile card activated on Pivo. Customers who are at least 18 years old and already have one of OP's debit cards, OP-Visa combination card or OP-Visa Electron, can order an OP-Visa Debit Mobile card on Pivo using their OP online user identifiers.

K-Plussa feature is now linkable to your OP Visa Debit mobile card. Once K-Plussa is linked to your mobile card, you will earn K-Plussa points when paying with Pivo contactless payment.

• More out of balance.

Pivo helps you be up to date with your account transactions. It lets you know what has happened with your account and helps you plan for the future. You can check your account balance without struggling with your key code list.

• More out of payment cards.

Pivo will let you know when your payment card is used. All of OP-Pohjola's payment cards are supported automatically.

• More out of shopping.

Find the details of the stores and services near you. Your purchase history can easily be viewed from your phone. You can add products to your shopping list so you remember to buy the things you need.

• More out of loyalty programs.

It is convenient and easy to use loyalty programs in Pivo. Use a selected discount coupon or follow how many PINS you have on your PINS account.

• Track your spending with new budgeting functionality!

Automatically generated budgets allow you to track your spending and visualize where your money goes.

Set spending limits on different budgets and easily measure how well you are keeping up.

Spending view can be found in the main menu. Happy budgeting!

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